Life is a Gold Mine was written with one thought in mind: to help you get the resources out of your heart and mind and into your everyday life.  Look at this four principles.

 Efficiency – This involves time management, which is really a misnomer, for you cannot really manage time. You can only manage and schedule the events in your life that can be done in the time you have. What’s more, you have all the time in the world – 24 hours every day that you are alive, just like every other person. You will mine real gold, not fool’s gold, when you learn how to go after what you really want and not simply stay busy.

Organization – You never want to go through work to get to work. You don’t want to waste time accumulating and organizing clutter that will only add to your work as you mine as you search for gold. This means that you must identify some kind of system that will help you keep track of your goals so that you invest your time in those activities that are most important to you.

Effectiveness – You have a purpose: something to do that only you can do, something for you to be that only you can be. You will only be truly when you find what it is. If God wants you to do and be this one thing, then He must reveal what that one thing is. Your purpose is generally summarized in one short, concise statement that speaks to the essence of who you are. It is a string of simple words that have a profound meaning for you and you alone.

Excellence – Goal-setting is the highway to excellence. There are so many things you can do that you must determine what it is that you should do. Goals help you focus and keep you on track. Once you know your purpose and determine your values, what is most important to you, then you set goals that enable you to accomplish those highest priority events that will bring you joy





  How do you market on the Internet?


There are a whole bunch of different ways, used in conjunction with each other, to produce the result. The main area of focus is e-mail and building a worthwhile opt-in list of prospects. You this by integrating a follow-up system within the core of  sites (such as  the ability to join  mailing list as an integral part of  sales letter) and by building a powerful force of affiliates who will do the advertising for you.


Also arrange specific joint ventures with other industry colleagues and cross-promote their products with yours to co-introduce yourselves to each other’s base of prospects. With this strategy, your advertising costs are virtually zero. That’s why it`s always recommended starting your own business versus remaining simply an affiliate.

The main keys of success lay entirely with your own state–your mind, your accompanying emotions, your self-perceived map of the world. It’s all either your greatest asset or your biggest enemy. Most people are restricted not because of their lack of brain power nor because of their intelligence but simply because they’re so grounded in a false belief that what they see is what they get, that everything in life is standing right before them, and that those who are “successful” have been so because of “luck.”

Good luck.